G-Tech Performance Meter

Posted on 6th September 2008 by Custom in Performance

Nowadays, it is already possible for us to check the performance level of our cars. This is simply done through the G-Tech performance meter. This kind of performance meter was created by the Tesla Electronics, Inc. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular G-Tech performance meters is the G-Tech Pro.

The G-Tech performance meter is actually a small device which is being used to measure the torque as well as the power in horsepower of our cars. It is also being used to measure the acceleration ranging from 0 up to 60 mph (miles per hour). The G-tech needs the information about our car?s weight to be able to calculate for the performance data of our cars.

G-Tech performance meter is a device which has a cornering lights as well as F1-style of shift lights in sequence. It has also more improved software of PASS Data-Acquisition. Furthermore, it has a sensing system known as RPM which measures the acceleration and the torque. Also, it has a LCD display which can show some graphics and a flash memory of 2MB for storing data. Indeed, G-Tech performance meter is full of features making it very reliable as our car?s performance meter. Moreover, the accuracy of such performance meter is dependable because it uses a precise three-axis (x, y, and z) system of accelerometer with a full compensation of temperature.

The design and style of G-Tech performance meter device is really awesome and efficient. Hence, there is no doubt why it is trusted by many people worldwide.

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